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For many years my primary practice was individual, marriage, and family counseling. I've seen hundreds of people in my office since 2003. Prior to that I was an in-home family therapist for Wake County through the Methodist Home for Children. Although this site is primarily dedicated to my corporate work, I do see a very limited number of individuals and family in my office in Edenton, N. C. However, as I am semi-retired I do not see more than 3-4 persons or couples per week.

I believe deeply in the proven studies that show that counseling works because of the relationship of the counselor and the client, not necessarily because of the particular tools and techniques a counselor uses. While I am well-versed in those tools and techniques, my primary focus is building a trusting relationship that inspires confidence that you can overcome your challenges, that your information will be kept confidential, and that no problem is so great that it cannot be overcome if a client so chooses.

And though I am a Christian, I believe that it takes far more than reading the Bible and praying to change old toxic habits, overcome "stinking thinking" and primarily, a willingness to change. In other words, you won't be coming to me to just talk and get things off your chest. You will be asked to step outside of your old comfortable defenses and excuses and accept responsibility for your own contribution to your unhappiness and inability to find joy and success, whether in your personal life or marriage. Even if you were victimized in some way--child abuse, infidelity, betrayal, rape, etc.--healing starts when you understand that remaining a victim long after the abuse has ended only keeps you trapped in the past. Likely you are suffering Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome, a neurological response to traumatic experience that keeps the painful past alive in your mind, and yes, there are wonderful new tools and techniques for healing. Let me help!

Our sessions will be casual. I meet with clients in my very quiet, private space uptown, or via phone. Though I no longer accept insurance, I will gladly consider a sliding scale after the first session, which is $100.00. I do accept credit cards via Paypal, check, or Venmo. You do not have to have  Paypal account. 

Interested? Give me a call at 919-630-6363 or text.  Thanks and I hope to hear from you.

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